Getting Started
    Using Smart Taxi
  • Select your pickup location
    To select your pick-up location, just long press on the screen in the desired point you want your taxi to come, until the bleu marker appears.
  • Place request
    Press on the green “smart icon” to confirm & place your request
  • Tracking progress
    1 - Once your request has been accepted, you will be notified. You will receive your taxi information (top of your screen).
    2 - A taxi icon will appear on your map along with a green line showing his route towards you, and you can monitor him approaching.
    3 - Inside the “Smart Icon” you can see the ETA in minutes"
  • 1 minute notification
    As your taxi gets closer, You will receive a notification that your taxi is "1 Minute" away so you can get ready
  • Taxi Arrived
    When your taxi arrives, you will receive a notification that he did
  • Call Driver
    After your request has been accepted, you can at any time call your driver if needed, by clicking on the “call” button on the top right of your screen