• Select pickup location
    When you open the application, a map appears with a red pin defining your current location. If you press on the Green Smart Icon, your pickup location will be your current location by default. Should you desire the taxi to meet you at a nearby different location than your current\default one, just long-press on the map on the desired point; a “Bleu” pin will appear and when you press on the “Green Smart Icon” to confirm your request, the position of the Bleu pin will be sent to the taxi as your desired pickup location .
  • Taxi Info
    Once your request is accepted by a taxi, you will be notified & the information of your taxi will appear on the top of your screen; the info contains the car code, type, model & color. A calling button appears on the left of the taxi info banner.
  • Live tracking of taxi
    An orange pin will appear on your map showing the position of your booked taxi. A green line will appear between your pickup location & the taxi’s position , depicting the best route for the taxi to reach your pickup location. You will be able to track in real-time the position of the taxi as he drives towards you. You can also read the ETA inside the smart icon.
  • Call your taxi
    At any time in the request you feel the need to call your taxi, just click on the “Calling Icon” on the left-top of the screen and a call to your driver will be initiated.
  • Update notification
    At every step of your request, you will receive a proper notification to update you on he status of your request:

    1- When we find & book you a taxi,
    2- When your taxi is 1 minute away so you get ready,
    3- When your taxi has arrived,
    4- When your taxi has been waiting for you,
    5- When unfortunately we could Not find you a taxi or if he cancelled your request."
As a start-up in Innovative Smart App, we seek always ways to improve our app to make sure it is covering All your needs and improving your overall experience. This section is dedicated for the display of “Coming Soon” new features. Your feedback and opinion is most valuable for us, help us improve our services by giving us your feed-back (contact us icon) or by giving the new feature that will be displayed a “thumb’s up\down”